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4 Ways Destiny’s Child Empowered Women

4 Ways Destiny’s Child Empowered Women

1. They preached about the importance of being independent.

Destiny’s Child music always spoke about female empowerment. Their mega hit “Independent Woman pt 1” was more than just a song for the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. It was an anthem for every kind of woman out there striking it on her own. It helped spark a feeling in you that you are more than just a daughter, girlfriend, or mom. You are an individual with goals and dreams who can make them happen. 

2. It encouraged us to “keep on surviving”

The group’s music was never afraid to deal with emotional subjects like betrayal and heartache. “Survivor” was a motivating song that woke up the warrior within you. The song reminded us that no matter how tough the storm in your life  is, you can and will get through it.

3. It taught us the value of female friendships

From beginning to end, Beyoncé, Michelle, and Kelly continuous showed us what true friendship looks like both on and off screen. From enjoying a girls night out with “Jumpin, Jumpin” to being there for one another with “Emotions”, their music videos displayed these women coming together. They celebrate one another and fight for each other. Their music motivates you to find your female tribe, a group a women who will love you and be there for you through thick and thin. Being an independent woman is a good thing but being supported by other independent women is even better.

4. Their music made women realize they’re worthy of real love

Many of Destiny Child’s songs deal with the ups and downs of relationships, including breakups.“Bills, Bills, Bills” deals with a guy who doesn’t like paying them. “Now That She’s Gone” illustrates the pain of being someone’s second choice. Destiny’s Child makes us recognize that as women we put up with so much unnecessary drama and we need to know we deserve real love. No woman should put up with lazy, cheating partners. Their song “Soldier” empowers you to find a man who is worthy of you. A man who is your rock and will fight for you.

Destiny’s Child’s songs still resonates with women today. They are filled with gems every woman can carry, whether it’s a lyric inspiring them to celebrate their free spirit or to keep fighting even if the odds are against you. Destiny’s Child motivates women to know their worth and that will always be a part of their legacy. 


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