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4 Ways You Can Celebrate Juneteenth


On June 19, 1865 slavery was abolished in the state of Texas. In present day, we call this celebration Juneteenth and African-American people all over the country take this time to celebrate our freedom, our culture, and our history. Juneteenth gives us a chance to appreciate our ancestors who endured and fought against slavery in order for future generations to be free. It is a day of reflection on America’s painful mark on history and one that has continued to affect our communities to this day. Keeping the spirit and celebration Juneteenth is essential to our legacy.

As communities around the country gather to put on different festivities to commemorate Juneteenth,  here are few things you can do to celebrate this important holiday of our history:

1.) Hold a Juneteenth Block Party- If you want to go all out, creating a Juneteenth celebration event would be amazing. Incorporate black performance artists, spoken word, and African dancing. This is a great way to gather your local African American community so you can meet others as well as celebrate black history.

2.) Create diversity programs at work and/or school- A fun way to bring Juneteenth to your peers would be to create one of your own programs that talk about race and black history. Not everyone is completely aware of racism or gender bias black Americans face in the workplace or at school. If you want to help your coworkers, colleagues, or students understand our history, hosting diversity programs are a great option to explore.

3.) Host a Family Dinner or Barbecue- You can go for a more intimate setting by gathering family members for a Juneteenth dinner. Not only can you get together to make some delicious soul food but, this would be a great way to talk about Black history and the significance of this holiday together. Feel free to spice things up with a fun family cookout, potluck style, since summer is approaching.

4.) Decorate Yo Space!- Get into the spirit of Juneteenth by decorating your house or office space with pieces and memorabilia that celebrate African American history. Create signs, posters, or make your own unique Juneteenth decorations to let everyone know how important this day is to black America.


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