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4 Tips For the Traveling Naturalista

Summer is in full effect and the vacationing has begun. Traveling, for most of us, is a time for excitement, fun, and most of all leisure. Whether you’re headed to the islands to turn up with your girlfriends or going on a romantic rendezvous with bae, you’re ready to let your hair down and have the time of your life – all while looking your absolute best. So what’s a naturalista to pack for flawless curls on vacation?

Pack Your Staples

When packing your hair care necessities for travel, your satin scarf or bonnet should be at the top of the list. As comfy as hotel pillows are, the cotton cases will dry out your curls and ruin your ‘do. Ensuring that you properly care for your curls at night will aid in the longevity of your style during your getaway. Other staples are a clarifying shampoo – to rid your curls of sand or chlorine/salt water, leave-in conditioner, an oil, and a small water bottle. Instead of checking a separate ‘product junkie’ suitcase complete with full sized products, you can purchase travel-sized containers to fill with your favorite brands to get you pass the TSA checkpoint at the airport if you opt to pack light.

Plan For the Weather

Depending on where you are set to travel and its climate, the weather will influence which products you ought to pack. When headed to a destination where the air is hot and humid, be sure to prepare for your style with first deep conditioning your hair. Deep conditioning will retain the moisture in your hair so that it doesn’t look to the environment to fill your hair with more moisture; which will only lead to frizziness and your hair drying out. Bringing along a light oil, such as coconut oil, to seal your ends will also aid in moisture retention.

For temperatures with dry heat, be sure to have a rehydrating spray at bay to add moisture to your hair that may be stripped by the heat and the sun’s rays. Also, swap your gels for a styling cream, as the gel will leave your hair dry and brittle once dried. Instead, pack your favorite cream styler that will keep your curls hydrated.

Stick to What You Know

When away from home, it is best to stick to hairstyles that you’ve mastered and know you can achieve on the go. Your week of vacationing is probably not the best time to try out those bantu knots you’ve been wanting to try. If twists-outs are your tried and true, try and stick with that. Be sure to pack a little of your favorite hair cream for any necessary nightly re-twisting.

Be Prepared for a ‘Plan B’

If your twist-out or wash and go fails, be sure to have a couple of ‘Plan B’ items in your arsenal. Pack a few elastic headbands to turn your wash and no into a sleek puff. A small bristle brush and edge control would also be handy for this quick fix. It is also necessary to have plenty of bobby pins on deck. Bobby pins can take your flop of a twist-out to a fierce faux-hawk with a few minutes of tucking and pinning. Other great backups are printed headwraps or a fun Fadora hat.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind for your next getaway. When all else fails, embrace the shrinkage, embrace the frizz and enjoy creating lasting memories!

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