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4 Signs You Are Bougie AF!

Hey ladies! Ever since Migos’ track “Bad & Boujee” hit the airwaves, many people started wondering “what does the word “bougie” even mean”? Simply put, “bougie” is the short form for the term “bourgeoisie” which means upper class. In other words, to be called “bougie” just means you are someone who prefer the finer things in life. From working at the highest paying job to having the best therapist in town. Heck, even your closest friends are bougie because you won’t lower your standards. To others this may come off snobbish but being bougie means believe you deserve the absolute best in life and nothing less.  Now if you are wondering if you fall in this category, check out these 4 signs that you are bougie AF:

1.) You Travel To The Hottest Vacation spots.- 

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You have absolutely no shame  about flying first-class like you are an A-list celebrity. Places like Bali, The Maldives, and Martha’s Vineyard are high on your bucket list. And of course, you definitely showing off your best selfies and location hot-spots on social media. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this. You just want to live the high-life because you know you are a star. Sure you may enjoy a trip to the Las Vegas Strip every now and then, but traveling to Paris, France to eat some fine wine and cheese is more your thing.

2.) You Love To Be Seen-

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Attention comes with the bougie lifestyle. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. However, this is a major sign if you are bougie AF because one of your gifts is simply knowing how to work any room you walk into. You love having all eyes on you. Everyone, including budget-friendly people, can’t help but stare as you shine your light. 

3.) You Speak and Act with Class- 

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Street-cred isn’t your thing, even if you spend your time listening to Tupac on the down low. You are less likely to cuss someone out if they disrespect you. In fact, you may have quite a vocabulary. You also know the power of silence. In fact, rather than yelling “f-you!” to somebody you might just snap your fingers to get your security team to escort them out of your presence because you don’t have the time to deal with drama. You carry yourself with class; making sure your words and actions exemplify that.

4.) You Have High End Tastes

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While some of us may have no problem shopping at thrift stores or clipping coupons, you on the other hand have richer tastes.You can’t help but spend your money on high end things. Brands like Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton is music to your ears. You love luxurious cars. You much prefer a night out eating fine cuisine rather than taco bell. When it comes to your home, you make sure everything is looking nice and fancy. Living the high life is something you pride in. You like what you like and that’s that!

So, do you consider yourself bougie? If you resonated with any (or all!) these signs, then you are bougie AF! For real, being bougie is not a bad thing. At the end of the day, how we live our lives comes down to choice. No shame in enjoying high end fashion or a trip to Bali. Plus, being classy is quite admirable. So if being bougie feels right for you, continue living your best life!

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