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4 Reasons Why Me Moments Are A Necessity

We hate to admit it sometimes, but women have been trained to put themselves on the back burner. The idea that women are supposed to take care of everyone (and everything) else FIRST is deeply ingrained in society.  Yo! Can we get a redo on that? Just knowing that this level of self-sacrifice is expected can cause us to not take care of ourselves at all...and we knowthat’s a huge mistake. For the “Superwomen” among us -- and there are many --  it may be a challenge, but we GON break that cycle right now!  Check out these four reasons why ME moments should be mandatory: 

ME Moments Help Us Find Inner Peace

Most of us lead very busy lives.  Whether we are being caregivers for family members, working, or just trying do our part for “The Village” (and we all know it takes one…), there’s always something to do that isn’t about you. Unchecked, this can lead to a mind (and spirit) that is full of “noise”. So, before you get to the point of emptiness or start to feel like you’re in a state of constant servitude, try taking a ME moment to clear your mind.

To restore your inner peace, consider a ME moment that allows you to do something that you love, whether that’s recreational or spiritual. On the spiritual side, your inner peace can come from meditating, praying, or attending a religious service (and, yes, attending service alone can work wonders for your spirit).

ME Moments Make Us Focus on Ourselves

When you decide to take a ME moment, you need to be wholly committed to doing what you want. It’s a time to give over to your own whims and fancies. ME moments can help put youback in touch with you. They give you permission to acknowledge that yourcares, yourlikes, and yourwants matter. ME moments offer a chance to think, unapologetically, for yourself and about yourself. So, wear what you want, get your hair did (or not), and just enjoy being YOU! 

ME Moments Boost Our Self-Assuredness 

When you constantly tend to others, it’s far too easy to forget about yourself. This can lead to women, especially, feeling less confident and or even insecure. Because ME moments are all about you, they can force you to come to terms with your level of personal comfort in dealing with others, as well as with how you present yourself and your ideas. Doing more for yourself may lead to you feeling more capable and stronger. 

ME Moments Can Give Us Long Term Happiness 

Taking a ME moment can be a real lifesaver. Those special times can also be a huge source of your long-term happiness because they can provide so many amazing memories. Each time you take that ME moment, you are committing to YOU. Whether it’s an opportunity to wear something that makes you feel like the queen that you are, or experiencing something new and exciting, each ME moment can have a positive impact on your life.

Time is limited and you know it waits for no one, so use some of that time for yourself.  Find those ME moments that help you renew your love of life.  You matter, Sis, and you are not an afterthought, so, remember to care for YOU.  If ME moments can help restore your peace, self-worth, and ultimate happiness, then, Sis, you know that they are an absolute necessity.  You better take you some!




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