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4 Reasons Why Black Women Make the Best Lovers

There’s this elephant in the room amongst single black women who are educated and career-oriented, and that elephant is the marriage dilemma. When articles with titles like “Why Is It so Hard for Black Women to Find The Love They Deserve” and “6 Reasons Why Black Men Won’t Marry Black Women”, it’s no wonder why black women are defensive when it comes to finding love. We are at the mercy of statistics that make us out to be highly successful and independent, yet lacking quality men to marry us. Thankfully, with the inception of social media, we can see educated black women marrying good men in real life and not just on the set of a Tyler Perry movie.

For posterity’s sake, we should reiterate why black women make great partners in life. If only just to toot our own horns or to serve as a reminder when the world tries to tell us otherwise.

1. We are strong enough to handle hard times 

Black women are not strangers to adversity. In fact, we are pros at dealing with the hardship given that we were born with a complexion that automatically makes us a target for struggle. It should come as no surprise to our male counterparts that when times get tough, black women are always the first ones there to provide that perfect balance of strength, dignity, and nurture.

2. Age really isn’t anything but a number for us (or Black don’t Crack)

It’s a proven fact that black women are immune to aging. Okay, it’s not a scientific fact per se, but it might as well be. We have found the fountain of youth and we aren’t sharing! Don’t believe us? Think about this. In 1991 Angela Basset starred as Cuba Gooding Jr’s mom in Boyz in the Hood. 20+ years later she’s now starring as his sister in American Horror Story. There’s your proof! Black don’t crack.

3. We know how to show our appreciation when we have a good man

Remember the Destiny’s Child song “Cater to You”? That wasn’t just a cute addition to your playlist. Black women aren’t afraid to cater to our men when they hold it down for their families. We know how to make sure that he knows he’s appreciated.

4. We’re magic, of course!

Haven’t you heard? Black women sparkle from the inside out with fortitude and grace. Our skin can makes all the world’s polluted ideologies bounce off of it like rain drops on a rose. We soak in negativity and exude poise. The foundation of our reality in this world is sorrow, but our gift to everything that comes across our path is beautiful grace. Black girls are magic because the man has tried to turn our worth into an illusion, but we set it in stone.

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