4 Ladies Who Prove Black Don't Crack

Throughout history, there is one fact that people have had to admit about our beautiful melanated skin: Black don’t crack. We know that some folks are jealous because of it. But, hey, don’t expect this to change any time soon. There is something inherently marvelous, amazing, and absolutely fabulous about the skin that we are in.

There are some women that we have watched from the time that we were tiny tots up until now who have defied aging. They just don’t seem to get any older! It is fair to say that they have changed everything that we ever thought about being “elderly,” according to age, anyway. 

We may never know all of their beauty secrets or how they keep their gorgeous skin glowing with the radiance of a young woman, but, we sure hope that when our time comes, we can sip from whatever “fountain of youth” that they have found. Yes, we want some! Who wouldn’t want it? 

Here are 4 leading ladies who prove that black don’t crack. These stunning queens give us hope for what our future may hold.

Iman (Age 64) 

Iman is a woman so famous and fabulous that she is known by only one name. Iman is timelessly beautiful. With skin that would make even a millennial feel like they need to level up their beauty regime, Iman’s image as a supermodel will forever be cemented in our minds. We know that our eyes are not playing tricks on us when we see her. She is beyond exquisite! 

Chaka Khan (Age 66)

Whether she was flaunting her curves or rocking a more svelte figure, Chaka Khan has taken looking like a younger woman to a whole ‘nother level. We would love to know her skin routine. If we did, we would follow that thing to a tee! Y’all know that Chaka has got the look, for real...and she can SANG! Yes, Miss Khan, you are every woman’s skin goals!

Vanessa Williams (Age 56)

Now, Miss Vanessa, you cannot tell us that you are approaching any age over 40. It’s as if she has forever been frozen at the pinnacle of her beauty. Whatever she’s using on her skin, we want some of that...a double dose of it! We are probably all dreamin’ that we will have skin as fabulous as hers one day.

Angela Bassett (Age 61) 

What this queen has taught us, above all else, is that if you carry yourself with dignity, you can command respect as such. Angela Bassett is the epitome of class, elegance, and beauty. Auntie Angela comes through in everything that she plays and always LOOKS THE PART, regardless of the “age” of the characters. In fact, she plays young characters so well that we totally forget that she is technically old enough for the “senior” discounts.

When we see Auntie Angela, we see a woman who seems to have stopped her physical clock at about 30 years old. Her skin, her body, her whole entire everything is stellar! Unlike the book, our Auntie doesn’t have to get her groove back. She keeps that thang on fleek all of the time! When asked what she does to keep her skin glowing, she said to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. That, dear sisters, might just be the key to making sure that our black don’t crack!

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