4 Fictional Black Colleges You Wish You Attended

Besides being bastions of higher education, black colleges have always offered more to the college experience than just academia. These historic institutions champion the cause for blacks to get the education that they need to get ahead. Black colleges were, and still are, a place of refuge, a nucleus for social networks, and the source of melanated intellectual marvelousness for young black people who thrive with “their own.” Can you say, “Village Building 101?” YESSSS!

In fact, black colleges are so awesome that when they are depicted in movies and on television, they have masses of black people wishing that they were a part of the black college campus magic. These on-screen fictional black colleges, based on historically black colleges and universities, give insight into the dynamics of the experience. We just can’t get that “uniquely black experience” from a PWI or primarily white institution. These fictional black colleges make it all really intriguing. So, whether you have attended an HBCU or not, here are four fan favorites for the most lit fictional colleges that you wish you attended: 

Mission College

Spike Lee ain’t never lied. When he came out with the movie, School Daze, he made everybody want to attend an HBCU. But, he also raised our consciousness about how we let hair and colorism separate us at black colleges. Even after the drama, we still wanted to be on the campus of the fictional Mission College. So, yes, Mr. Lee, we heard you, and we are striving to “wake up.” 

Hillman College

The crew on “A Different World” made Hillman College feel like more than just a school. This fictional black college kind of felt like a home away from home. Hillman College was steeped in encouragement and didn’t shy away from having a moral compass. Not only did people want to attend Hillman, but they wanted to send their kids there! 

Atlanta A&T University

When you read that college name, you could probably almost hear the thundering sounds of drums and brass instruments. The spectacular marching bands at black colleges are just next level WOW! They bring it. EVERY. TIME. But, it takes a lot to get those productions field-ready. The movie, Drumline, took us behind the scenes and gave us a greater appreciation for the work that goes into those momentous performances. 

Truth University

Who’s steppin’? Black colleges and step shows are synonymous in our minds. OK, let’s be honest. Education is important…but…some of us only wanted to go to an HBCU for the Greek life and step shows. So, Truth University, in the movie, Stomp The Yard, delivered big time on that. 


Black colleges deserve much respect for what they offer to the black community. In addition to providing amazing educational, career opportunities and giving students access to African-Americans at the top of their game, black colleges are our modern-day “villages” that endeavor to unite black people for life. Whether fictional or in real life, black colleges have it going on. 

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