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Fall Sweaters You Need This Season

Fall is finally here! Time to break out the cozy sweaters. Better yet! It’s time to go shopping for some. These current fall trends are making us extra excited for this season. From cashmere to fringe design sweaters, there is something for every woman. So get ready to take some notes. Here are 4 types of fall sweaters you need this season:

Waist Tie Cashmere

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Cashmere is always a fall staple. It’s just so cozy to wear during this time of year. However, these tie-waist cashmere sweaters are making headlines in the fashion world. We are absolutely loving them. They fit the body nicely and still provide enough warmth to get through the fall season.

High Turtleneck

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We all know that turtlenecks are kind of already high but apparently, they can go even higher. May sound silly but these are high turtleneck sweaters that are extremely comfortable to wear as they cover the entire neck, keeping you snug. They are also a great style option for any outing, especially if you are going on a romantic date. Decorate these chic sweaters with layered jewelry to help the whole outfit stand out.

Oversized Knit

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Fall is the perfect season to wear anything oversized. So, of course, you’re going to need an oversized knit sweater this year. They are super cute, trendy, and fun to wear around the house as well. Pair them up with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings to create the ultimate fall look.


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Fringe is usually a design you see pop up during the summer but it is creeping its way into fall this year. We actually love it! Why not look boho chic during the chillier months too? If you love rocking a more free-spirited look, get yourself one of these fringe sweaters. 


All of these sweaters are sure to make you look and feel wonderful during this fall season. Choose one or try all four! Which sweater are you most likely to wear? Either way, you will be stylish, chic, and extra cozy.


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