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4 Black Business Owners Who Give To The Community

Written By: Alexandria Daniels

Hey ladies! Here at Izzy & Liv love supporting other black-owned businesses. When it comes to our community, you can’t help but want to give back because as a people we have gone through so much we need to stick to together. We need to support each other. These days there are more black-owned businesses growing every day. Some we may never even heard of. We want to highlight the owners who strive to help their black communities. So here are four business owners who are giving back to their communities 

  1. Courtney Adeleye (CEO of The Mane Choice) - Adeleye is a girl boss who grew her business from the floor up. She started off by documenting her hair journey on youtube where she created her own hair mixes. Her background as a registered nurse, along with her scientific knowledge, led Adeleye to create The Mane Choice Hair Solution. As a way of giving back to her community, she sells researched-based hair care products and vitamins that promote healthy black hair.
  2. Hope Wiseman (Founder of Mary and Main) - Maryland local, Hope Wiseman is the youngest black female entrepreneur to own a dispensary in the U.S. Her mission is to serve her community through cannabis education. Her company gives people of Maryland a safe space for those suffering from chronic illnesses to purchase medical marijuana, as well as help spread awareness of how beneficial the plant is when it comes to healing various ailments such as seizures, anxiety, inflammatory problems, and other physical and mental issues. Wiseman hopes to help eliminate the stigma around African Americans when it comes to cannabis. 
  3. Carla Watkins (Owner of Yoga Green Book) - With holistic and wellness spaces starting to welcome more spaces of color, there are more entrepreneurs entering this space. Watkins is one of them. Her company, Yoga Green Book, is an online safe space for African Americans to practice yoga and meditation. Because black people are 20% more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than their white counterparts due to racism and prejudice. By using holistic practices, Watkins dedicates her time and effort to ensure her community becomes empowered to live happier lives.
  4. Asia Newson (Owner of Super Business Girl) - Newson is Detroit, MI’s youngest entrepreneur and at just 16, she is still gaining stride. Starting out at age 4 by creating and selling her own scented candles, Newson has decided to expand her business by coaching other aspiring young black business owners. Her Super Business Girl Youth Entrepreneurs Workshop pairs young boss girls with mentors and teaches them basic business fundamentals such as creating a sales pitch. Newson even teaches them how to make their own candles so they can get some sales experience. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what it is?

No matter where you look, there is a black business owner doing their thing! We at Izzy & Liv love giving a shout out to other black businesses and CEOs who want to give back to their communities. Hopefully, these young bosses inspire you to give back to your community as well. Who knows! Maybe we will be giving you a shout out too!

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