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21 Affirmations to Reset Your Confidence

Written By: Girl Tyler

Did you confidence take a few blows due to the unexpected challenges and obstacles of 2020? If so, it’s time to maneuver into a space where you are at total peace with who you are, inside and out. A new year is the perfect time to reset bad habits and check negativity at the door. Reclaim your power by shifting your thoughts and language. Put less emphasis on your shortcomings and focus on your positive traits.

Confidence is an inside job. The next time nerves kick in right before a big speech or when you’re faced with making a major decision, meditate on these affirmations. Write them down and post them at home or in your work space. Read them daily and speak life over your circumstances.

  1. No matter what happens today, everything is working out in my favor.
  2. I am releasing any and everything that no longer serves me.
  3. Today, I will not stress or obsess over things I cannot control.
  4. Success is defined by me, not the world.
  5. One bad day will not dictate my future.
  6. I will not compare myself to my peers online. Social media doesn’t tell the whole story.
  7. I am beautifully growing and evolving into the woman who I was created to be.
  8. Giving up is easy, but I will press on.
  9. I will leave behind the worries of yesterday and lean into the promises of today.
  10. I am healing more and more every day.
  11. Take your time. Perfectionism is a myth.
  12. I am responsible for the energy that I consume and the energy that I release.
  13. Negativity does not have a home here.
  14. Faith it until you make it.
  15. My talents are a gift to the world and I will boldly share them each day.
  16. There is no room on my journey for toxic people.
  17. My work is meaningful and rewarding.
  18. I will not believe false narratives that others have created about me. I AM THE TRUTH.
  19. Self-esteem is a true measure of beauty.
  20. I will implement healthy boundaries with each person who enters my space.
  21. As long as I do my best, the universe will take care of the rest.

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