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10 Reasons We’re Hype About The Bad Boy Reunion Tour

You’d be hard pressed to name some of the best songs from the 90s without  Bad Boy Artist being on the list. Bad Boy had an influence on R&B and Hip Hop culture that will last forever. Ready to relive your glory days? Or maybe you were too young to see them in concert back in the day? Well, now you might have the chance since Bad Boy is having a reunion tour! It’s still Bad Boy for life baby. Here are ten reasons why you should be excited about the tour.

1. The Original Queen Bee. No shade to Beyonce, but before she was around there was Lil Kim, the original Queen Bee. With her long list of hits, it’ll be exciting to see what she pulls out of her sleeve.

2. Faith Evans. Not only is she a vocal powerhouse, but she’s also had some history with Lil Kim in the past. This might be the only time we’ll see them together (and who else is waiting patiently for the shade?!).

3. Bringing Back R&B. This tour is giving a chance to all of our favorite R&B groups from back in the day. Anybody hungry for some Peaches & Cream?

4. Old School Rap. There’s something about the rap from the 90’s that can never be replicated, only imitation.

5. And some New School Rap. There’s something here for everyone, with the addition of French Montana, he will bring a new flavor to the Bad Boy mix.

6. A rumored Biggie hologram. There have been talks of a Biggie hologram? While that might not happen, you can definitely count on a part of the show dedicated to the Notorious B.I.G.

7. All of the hits on one stage. This is like a Throwback Thursday, only live! It’s bound to be a non stop party.


8. Diddy. The Puff Daddy himself is bringing his energy to the tour, it looks like his performance at the BET awards was only a taste of what he can do.

9. It’s been a long time. It’s almost been 20 years since we’ve seen some of these groups coming together, maybe they’ll have some new music?

10. It might never happen again.When else will we see all of these amazing artists on one stage? Legends rarely come together like this twice.

Diddy will be bringing Lil Kim, The Lox, French Montana, 112, Mario Winans, Total, Ma$e, Faith Evans and many more on tour with him this summer. Get your tickets while you can!


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