The Perfect Spring Playlist

Spring playlist_x000D_


Hey Ladies! What comes to mind when you think about spring? Is it love? A week-long vacation from school or work? New beginnings? I think spring can be all of those things. Simultaneously, it makes the halfway point of the year. Most of us could be taking the time to reflect and asked: "what have I accomplished so far?" Or maybe you feel not much has happened yet!_x000D_


Personally, I feel like spring is the perfect time to refresh our spirits by aligning with our goals but, more importantly, with ourselves and what matters most to us. It's a season to remind ourselves it's okay to just take a break and just enjoy the warm weather coming in. Music is the ultimate cure for needing to take a break from the real world and chill. Down below is a spring playlist of some of our favorite tunes that make us dance, rap along, or just sway to the rhythm._x000D_


  1. Earth, Wind, and Fire- Boogie Wonderland
  2. _x000D_

  3. Bruno Mars- Finesse
  4. _x000D_

  5. Beyonce- Love On Top
  6. _x000D_

  7. Destiny'Child- Girl
  8. _x000D_

  9. Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody
  10. _x000D_

  11. Marvin Gaye- Heard It Through The Grapevine
  12. _x000D_

  13. Bob Marley- Is This Love
  14. _x000D_

  15. Monica- Don't Take It Personal
  16. _x000D_

  17. Alicia Keys- Superwoman
  18. _x000D_

  19. Migos- Stir Fry
  20. _x000D_

  21. Erykah Badu- On & On
  22. _x000D_

  23. Nicki Minaj- Starships
  24. _x000D_

  25. Janet Jackson- Feedback
  26. _x000D_

  27. Drake- Hotline Bling
  28. _x000D_

  29. Alessia Cara- Wild Things
  30. _x000D_

  31. Cardi B- Bodak Yellow
  32. _x000D_

  33. Kendrick Lamar- Damn
  34. _x000D_

  35. Rihanna- Desperado
  36. _x000D_

  37. Jackson 5- Shake Your Body
  38. _x000D_

  39. Michael Jackson- Butterflies
  40. _x000D_


What's on your spring playlist? Let us know!

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