The classic sitcom “Martin” was wildly hilarious and of the many of the characters Martin Lawrence played himself, Sheneneh is one of the most memorable. While Sheneneh wasn’t exactly what society considered beautiful, she stayed slaying in cropped tops and high waisted leggings just as many of us do today. If you payed attention, Sheneneh knew exactly what it took to be a lady (in case you missed her constant reminders) which is why you should lean on her for some beauty tips!

1. Box Braids (They Aren’t New)

Sheneneh was a licensed cosmetologist so she knew how to whip some hair. Although she often rocked styles that many of us wouldn’t dare to, her infamous box braids shouldn’t be ignored. Braids are making a huge comeback especially since so many black women are transitioning into naturalistas. Box braids in particular help to protect the hair while allowing you to style them in many ways. Sheneneh loved her box braids thick and quite frankly those can be easier on your tresses than smaller ones. When she felt sassy she threw them in a high ponytail otherwise, they cascade down her back. Want more? The gold braid clasps she sometimes wore are still being sold in beauty supply stores!

2. Where’s Your Fanny Pack?

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