10 Make-Up Brands that are Black Girl Friendly

Tale as old as time. When we look at makeup brands and their products, it’s easy to tell which companies didn’t have deeper skin tones in mind. Don’t they know that we wear foundation, too? If you’re stuck struggling with brands that don’t have dark enough skin tones or shades to suit all undertones, make sure you check out these makeup brands that definitely get the black girl seal of approval.

Black Opal

Black Opal launched in 1994 when they started making skincare products for men and women of color. They later broadened their company to focus on creating a makeup line specifically for women of color. These products would help target the skin and textural issues that women of color often face.

Black Radiance

With a mission to “enable women of color around the world to be even more beautiful,” Black Radiance is another brand that is making beauty products for women with deeper skin tones. The brand aims to create products that not only suit the rich skin tones but also help deal with different skin types.

Black Up

Another brand that was carefully crafted for women of color, Black Up caters its products to evening out the textures and tones of deep skin. Also, with their abundance of matte finish products, they are catering to the oilier tendencies of darker skin tones.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is another company that is black girl friendly. Although many of the products carry high price tags, they match the quality of their products. A lot of makeup brands tend to focus most of their products on the lighter shades in the spectrum, but this brand seems fair across the board by carrying an equal amount of light, medium, and deep shades.

Cover FX

Cover FX does a great job at carrying deeper shades with their products, but they also fix the problem that we tend to have with undertones. A lot of makeup brands have their deeper shades run with a rich red undertone when most women of color tend to have a golden or neutral undertone. Cover FX and their foundations help solve this issue by providing shades with neutral, pink, and golden undertones.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has increased in popularity with their Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation. If you’re looking for flawless, full-coverage foundation, this product is the one for you. With a total of 36 shades, which surpasses many companies by 3x, Estee Lauder has a wide range of colors that will suit or nearly suit your skin tone.

L.A. Girl

While a lot of the brands on this list are on the higher end scale, everyone and their mothers have fallen in LOVE with L.A. Girl and their HD concealers. Not only is this brand super inexpensive, but their products work. Their concealers can be found anywhere between $3-$6 and carry a variety of shades. They also have an Orange corrector that is great for blending underneath makeup to hide hyperpigmentation.


While we’re not sure how true it is, Lancome’s most popular foundation boasts a 24-hour wear. Although we’re not wearing our foundation for that long, the color range gives us another reason to try the brand. Coming in 35 different shades, this brand that has a matte finish is perfect for oily skin.


There’s a reason MAC has always been at the front of the makeup game. Not only are their products great quality, but their shade range is phenomenal. Having put out products for years and years, MAC is definitely one company that you can be sure you’ll find your exact match or something very close to it.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever has quickly grown in the beauty industry, and if you’ve spent any of your time researching makeup, I’m sure you’ve come across the brand a few times. Their Ultra HD foundation is one of the hottest on the market right now and for great reasons. This full coverage foundation will have your skin looking flawless while doing well under the highest resolutions. Another great thing about this foundation is the shade range, covering a wide assortment of fair, medium, and deep skin tones.

If you’re in the market for new makeup, make sure you try one of these black girl friendly brands. If you’re scared to take the plunge for a $40 bottle of foundation, try out a sample first! If you do decide to take the plunge and don’t like the product, always remember that makeup CAN be returned!

Happy blending!


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